Who is behind this website?

Hi, I’m Mike. I’m a graphic designer from Rochester, NY. I created this website and designed most of the stuff on it. I tend to use pronouns like “we,” “our,” and “us” …but it’s mostly just me, with the support of my friends and family. See About “Us” for more about me/us.


We don't actually have a subway, so what‘s the point of a subway map?
Mostly just for fun. Real or not, subway maps offer a fun way of visualizing your town and all of the cool sites and places it has to offer.

Additionally, I believe art has a way of inspiring real change. For example, the first “fantasy” subway map I designed for Rochester NY was responsible for the formation of a non-profit called Reconnect Rochester who’s volunteers worked with the transit agency there to completely redesign its outdated bus-only system. They’re not building a subway, but their new transit system will be much higher frequency and overall higher quality service when it rolls out in spring 2020. And hopefully that’s just the start.

Bottom line… Buses and trains move people, but so does ART. I’ve seen it happen.
My poster is all curled up after removing it from the tube. How do I fix it?

We try to get your poster to you as quickly as possible and for the lowest possible cost (which in most cases is free). To do this we ship our posters rolled. Of course, paper is paper, and old habits die hard. Once rolled your poster or print may refuse to lay flat for some time. We recommend you do not yell at it. After all, you two just met. Your best option is to pop the poster directly into a frame which will give it no choice but to remain flat. If you don’t have a frame, simply unroll the poster, place several heavy books upon each end, and allow it to sit for a day or two. Or you may curl the poster the opposite direction around the shipping tube, secure both ends with rubber bands, and allow it to sit for an hour or two. This usually does the trick.


My poster arrived damaged. Now what?

We pack our products in sturdy, damage-resistant tubes or boxes, but on occasion the outside world does manage to completely ruin our lives. If you’ve received a product that has suffered a cruel death en route to you, don’t dispair. First, please take note of where your product came from… You’ll find the company’s name and logo on the packaging. If you received the product from Redbubble (or anyone other than MetroPosters.com) you must contact that company’s customer support and follow their instructions. However, if your product came directly from us (MetroPosters.com) please send us a clear picture of the damage at [email protected] within 15 days of receiving it and we’ll send you a replacement forthwith.


Do you accept returns/offer refunds?

Refunds for items purchased directly from this website (MetroPosters.com) will only be granted if we cannot fulfill your order in a reasonable amount of time. Otherwise, all sales are final and absolutely no refunds will be issued. If, however, you purchased a product from Redbubble or another third party (a.k.a. someone other than us), please contact them or check their refund policy.


What’s the deal with shipping?

We generally ship within 1 business day of your order (not counting holidays). We don’t kill our customers on shipping charges and in fact offer FREE standard shipping on all U.S. domestic orders – regardless of how much stuff you buy. Standard shipping service is provided by United States Postal Service and is typically 2-9 days within the 48 contiguous states. We will ship all over the world, but shipping cost and methods may vary, so please contact us ahead of time if you would like specific information based on your shipping destination.


How can I offer Metro Posters merchandise in my retail store?

Check out our Wholesale page for more information.


How can I find out when new posters and products are released?

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or sign up for our email newsletter and you’ll be the first to know every time the world gets a little more awesome.


Do you do commissioned work?

I do accept a limited number of design commissions. Whether you would like your town to have its very own subway map, or something completely off the wall, send me an email and explain your idea. Speak slooowly – I’m an artist not a machine.

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