Things To Do In Downtown Nashville

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Welcome to Nashville, the city of great country music that will get your feet to tapping. Even though Nashville is known for its fantastic country music, the downtown area is where all the action happens. 

In Nashville, you will find many aspiring country music artists. Some may be singing on the corner, inside a bar venue, or on a grand stage like the Grand Ole Opry; either way, Nashville will delight all who hear the sounds of this musical city. But downtown is filled with southern hospitality and quality entertainment that will ignite your senses as well as your passions. 

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Downtown Nashville is one of the liveliest places in Tennessee and reigns as the kingdom of country music. But Nashville is more than just a starving artist or twanging guitars; it is a plethora of southern comfort with notes of warmth added. Downtown Nashville shines in the ability to create tangible experiences for all ages. So let us travel together and find the hidden treasure of Nashville Tennessee.

Take In The Scenery With The Segway Tours

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There is a lot to see in Nashville, and walking can sometimes become cumbersome, so if your cowboy boots are smoking, take a moment to stop and ride the Segway Tour. The Segway tours are great ways to explore the city and its historical, musical, and culinary charms. 

This tour will take you and your family to fantastic spots in the town, such as Tennessee’s iconic State Capitol. Next, put your sense of hearing to the test as you stop at the Country Music Hall of Fame. And when you wear out from hunger, go to the Farmer’s Market to taste local food that will tickle your tongue with taste. Whatever perks your interest along the tour can be explored. So if you and your family want a birds-eye view of the city, then Segway Tours is for you.

Take In The Culture At The Art Museum Of Nashville

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Even though music is Nashville’s first love, art is running a close second. This first Art Museum of Nashville is a wonderous art gallery that changes its exhibits every six weeks. Since the museum does not have a permanent collection, the images available to the public allow every person to feel included in Tennessee’s southern history and heritage. 

The exhibits range from the Civil Rights movements, where black and white photos tell the stories of past transgressions and future hopes, to images that show the life of the Appalachian people and the struggles that come with early southern life. In the evenings, a Paris themed event provides for tourists who desire the flare of France. 

Grab A Drink On the Bar Tour

There’s nothing better than a good juke joint, and Nashville has plenty of them. Take a stroll down Lower Broadway or 2nd Avenue, and you will find the pub you have been looking for all your life. Each bar heaves with live music and dancing feet, with the fine beverages being the cherry on top. 

As you travel this bar tour, you’ll learn about the history of this famous city. The time lasts about two and a half hours, but each stop will fill your body with the spirits of southern comfort (no pun intended). Each tour consists of visiting at least five or six drinking establishments, each one unique unto itself. Food and live music will also be provided at each destination, encouraging the mantra to “let the good times roll.” 

With no cover charges, you are free to party at-will and visit as many bars as you desire. But please feel free to tip the street musicians, especially if you like what you hear.

Stroll Through Bicentennial Capitol State Park

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Bicentennial Capitol State Park is lavish and expansive with nineteen acres of soft green grass and is easily located in the Downtown Nashville area. This park invites all to come and gather and commune with each other—the well-seated amphitheater beacons people to go and see the different events at the park. When you visit Nashville, make sure to stop at the plaza and pick up a map of Tennessee’s most historical moments and places. 

Don’t forget to splash around in the park’s  thirty-one fountains that represent Tennessee’s 31 riverways. The fountains run 8:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily and are a great place to cool off. 

As always, throughout Tennessee, music is the score for any adventure in Nashville, and the Bicentennial Capitol State Park is no different. Visit the towers containing the carillon bells around the Court of Three Stars. These enchanting bells play a version of the Tennessee waltz that will have you longing for days gone. 

Find Some Rhythm At The Country Music Hall Of Fame

Nashville, TN - Country Music Hall of Fame
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Welcome to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. This incredible collection of music and talent can not be ignored and should be the primary focus for any music enthusiast. The building is a formidable three hundred and fifty thousand square feet of musical art and history. 

This building permits all who come to learn about, and listen to American music history. Artifacts cover every inch of the building, providing insight into yesterday. Marvel at the cars donated by country music icons and some of the costumes that decorated the past stars. Pay attention to the history outline provided to channel the history of country music from its humble beginnings to the present day. 

Listen to rare vocals of country music artists who have gone on before us. The museum also provides interactive media that will educate the old and young of Nashville’s past. Check out the Country Music Hall of Fame for more details if you want to learn more about your favorite artist.

Grab Some Bar-b-cue At Peg Leg Porker

Who likes bar-b-que? Well, if you answered “I DO,” then Peg Leg Porker is the place for you. Visiting Nashville will exert a lot of your energy, and you will need to nourish yourself, so grab a well-known Tenessee tradition and eat your way back to life, bar-b-que style. 

This delicious eatery is located in the Gulch area of downtown Nashville and has had cameos on T.V.. This place has an award wall that would make any cooking competitor extremely jealous. The Peg Leg’s decor is very homely, as the outside grill flames for action. 

Getting around Nashville is pretty easy too. Obviously we wish Nashville had a subway, but there are plenty of other convenient transportation options available with Uber car services, cabs, the MTA (also called the Music City Circuit), bikes and scooters. So what are you waiting for? Grab your cowboy boots and hit the road to enjoy all that Nashville has to offer.

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