What To Do In Tampa & The Tampa Bay Area

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Downtown Tampa business district has had significant growth since the 1960s. Banks and other companies are encouraging the development of Tampa. As the city grows, so does its population, allowing cultural perspectives to shine through. People rush to Tampa, Florida, for the warmth but stay for the character of the city. 

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Tampa, is located on the Gulf Coast and is one of the most requested destination spots in the world. Warm sun and sandy beaches make this destination a must for travelers. This city is family-friendly and holds a wealth of opportunities for great fun. Cultural diversity allows you to indulge in other perspectives and a broad worldview.

Explore The Florida Aquarium

Florida Aquarium, Tampa Bay, Florida
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One of the first places you’ll want to explore is the  Florida Aquarium in Tampa Bay. This aquatic wonder will dazzle visitors of all ages who step through its doors. From fish to fin, you and your family will enjoy seeing and learning about our oceans and the creatures who inhabit them. 

This aquarium is recognized throughout the United States as one of the best aquariums to visit. Within the aquarium, you’ll find aquatic animals of all kinds; in fact, there are over 9,000 creatures just waiting to swim up and say hello. 

Your eyes will explode with curiosity as you and your family learn about fish, eel, alligators, sea horses, sharks, and many more. If the little one becomes hot, a splash area is provided, permitting the children time to cool off and pretend to be fish. If knowledge is the goal of your visit, then try the touchpads that offer details of every aquatic animal in the facility. 

And don’t forget to enjoy the Wetland Trail, where everyone is welcome to explore other animals who also want the water but do not live in the water.

The Thrills Of Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay, Florida
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Busch Gardens parks are legendary throughout the United States and well known for their thrilling attractions. In 1959 the park first opened up, and since that day, audiences have been making plans to visit. 

Its fame derives from its thrilling coaster that keeps the blood pumping and wildlife exhibits that teach us about the preciousness of each animal. Not to mention the park’s spectacular Serengeti Plain exhibit that encourages interaction between the guests and animals. 

The animals are sanctioned to walk as they would in their original habitat. This wildlife reserve showcases all kinds of animals such as giraffes, birds, elephants, and snakes.

The Thrill Of Skydiving

iFLY Indoor Skydiving, Tampa, Florida
Photo courtesy iFLY on Instagram

Skydiving can be a thrill to experience. But people often decide not to try it because of the plane ride. Here’s an incredible adventure that doesn’t require you to step foot on a plane. 

The iFLY Tampa Indoor Skydiving experience will leave you breathless, wanting more. In this state-of-art facility, you can experience the magic of flight without wings. When you first arrive at the skydiving building, each participant will be given a uniform and goggles. 

Next, you’ll quickly be briefed on the dos and don’ts of skydiving. One of the lessons taught is how to float in a vertical horse-powered tunnel safely. After the training session, each person will spend time with the instructor so there’s clarity on the instruction. 

Then, get ready to yell “GERONIMO.” You’ll be placed in an enclosed space flight chamber; a tunnel operator will start the flight by slowly increasing the wind pressure until you’re floating in the air. The entire experience takes 75 minutes but is worth every second.

Grand Prix Fun

Photo courtesy Tampa Bay Grand Prix on Instagram

If you and your family are fans of Grand Prix racing, then this adventure is for you. Welcome to the Tampa Bay Grand Prix. This innovative go-kart delight is an indoor race track with all the amenities. You’ll enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with racing up to 50 miles per hour. 

The go-karts are replicated race cars allowing each participant a thrilling experience driving an actual race car. At the end of each race, all drivers will be scored, and during the race, the projector screen will allow the racers to see how well they’re doing. The scores help the racers to make improvements to their game. 

After your race is over, feel free to invite your guests to the Grand Prix lounge area, equipped with Wi-Fi and large screens for your viewing fun. The Tampa Bay Grand Prix is open seven days a week, private parties and birthdays are welcome. Just show up and have the desire for speed, and the Tampa Bay Grand Prix will handle the rest.

Relax With Tiki Time

Photo courtesy Yacht StarShip on Instagram

Time to relax, sit, and unwind as you effortlessly drift away into the colorful sunset on a tiki boat tour. Tiki Boat Cruises in Tampa will make all of your cruising dreams come true upon the Hillsborough River close to the skyscrapers of downtown Tampa. 

This is not just your average floating boat, it’s filled with unique beverages provided by the guest. As you sail away, you can sip away on your favorite concoction. Each vessel is captained by a licensed coast guard specialist and well versed in the navigations of floating on the river. 

Grab your sunglasses, and head to the beautiful state of Florida. These noteworthy places are great for you and your family. You’ll be able to easily travel throughout the Tampa area. You can use a car service such as Uber, jump on the Telco streetcars, pick up an electric scooter or even a water bike. Maybe not as easy as riding on our imaginary Tampa Bay metro system, but still fun.

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    Your exploration of Tampa is captivating! From the mesmerizing Florida Aquarium to the adrenaline-pumping iFLY experience, you’ve painted a vivid picture of adventure and relaxation. Your recommendations, from Grand Prix fun to Tiki Boat cruises, promise an unforgettable Tampa experience.


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