Why NOW is the best time to plan a trip to Kansas City. Reason #2: The People

Feb 5, 2020 | Travel, U.S. Cities | 0 comments

Kansas Citians are just plain nice, at a time when the world could use more of that.

Ok, this should have been #1, but I just thought of it. If you are from a larger city (and have travel), you’ve probably noticed that “southern hospitality” and “midwestern values” are real things. And in general, smaller towns do tend to be friendlier. If you’re from the northeast in particular (New York I’m looking at you) this friendliness sometimes makes us uncomfortable. Kansas City is different. These people seem to have perfected the fine art of being nice.

Happy volunteers from YLAI in Kansas City. [PHOTO: YLAI Network]

Where ever you go in Kansas City, people will smile and say hello. There’s no need to be afraid. Smile back and you’ll likely make some new friends. But don’t take my word for it. After moving to Kansas City, freelance writer Hannah Rosenboom tells of her experiences striking up conversations with random strangers at every turn. And you know it must be true if Travel + Leisure, Big7, and Men’s Health all put KC on their list of friendliest cities in America.

More happy people in Kansas City café. [PHOTO: Luca Sartoni]

So what gives? Why are people here so likeable? As this KCUR story explains, there seems to be an unwritten code of conduct here. For one thing, Kansas City etiquette puts a premium on taking time. “Being in a hurry or rushing someone else is not considered polite behavior. People here go out of their way to take time for others, even strangers.” Honking, for example, isn’t done willy-nilly in Kansas City. It is done selectively, and often in an effort to be helpful – as in, “Hey there fella, you left your Kansas City Metro Travel Mug sitting on your car roof.”

Bottom line: If you find yourself dealing with rude, nasty or downright jerky people in your daily grind, it could be affecting your health. So stop what you’re doing and book yourself a ticket to Kansas City.


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